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"...who now operates an online ride sharing resource called , says hes found that frustrated drivers and riders typically turn to third-party sites or social media platforms to vent over frustrations in getting their issues resolved. That can be a public relations problem for any company, gig or otherwise, he points out."

The San Diego Union-Tribune Who do you turn to when you're unhappy with your on demand service?

"My second reason is that rideshare is not totally a new concept;it started in the 1900s, died after the war and has kept coming back in different forms over the years. It was always bound to come back seeing the lapses in taxi services and I think this time, they have gotten the system right albeit not perfect."

Huffington Post Has The rideshare Industry In America Hit A Snag Or Just A Bump In The Road?

"Much has been written about how rideshare works in the US and elsewhere. Were here to share how two rideshare companies are giving each other stiff competition in Karachi, Pakistan."

TechInAsia Careem vs Uber: two titans duke it out on the streets of Karachi

"Counter arguments, such as a long essay on Ridester, claim that ride-sharing apps are a natural form of progress and meeting supply and demand. Another defense is that taxi companies could better keep up with the competition if they lowered their fares and improved the quality of their cars."

Culture Trip TECH Uber Officially Driven Out of Finland, Here's Why

"Ride sharing in the recent years has gotten a boost as several companies have entered the domain. Commuters too, find the setting beneficial as they only need to pay their share of ride and not for the entire cab."

Buzzfeed Community Earnings Of The Uber Drivers

" Want to defray the cost of your upcoming road-trip? Whether you're looking to hitch a ride or offer one, head to Ridester to make the arrangements."

Lifehacker Hitch a Ride with Ridester

"Like eRideShare and NuRide, Ridester is a community of carpoolers and road trippers that can help get you from city to city while reducing the volume of traffic on the road. "

Treehugger.com Ridester: Life is A Journey -- Share It

"Whether Australia is ready to move into community-based ride-sharing is yet to be seen, but the US is giving it a red hot go. Apps such as Lyft and Ridester, a road tripping app, have got people excited about what is next for collaborative consumption."

News.com.au Over taxis? Ride-sharing apps like Uber and Backseat hit Australia

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Staying up to date on the rideshare industry is tough, and there's very few resources dedicated solely to doing so. We strive to provide the latest news and information for you, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, being fully educated on the industry, of course.


We provide users with information and helpful resources related to both riding and driving. Looking for Uber SURGE pricing info? Done. How to maximize tips as a driver? Covered. We cover a wide variety of topics, so you're always in the know.


We do the hard work and research for you, finding you the largest savings and promotions for rideshare riders and drivers. Whether you sign up to ride or drive, we've go the promotions and referral codes to help you save and earn the most.

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If you meet these vehicle requirements, you can drive with Lyft. Our list is worth a look if you're considering signing up to drive.
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Lyft Promo Code
Get a bunch of free Lyft ride credit by using one of our exclusive promo codes. Act now, because these deals won't last forever.
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Uber is offering new users the chance to try their platform for free. A little information and you'll be well on your way.
Lyft Codes for Existing Users
Existing Lyft users can still get tons of free ride credit by leveraging a few proprietary and proven strategies we've uncovered.
Uber Codes for Existing Users
Pay less for Uber rides by using one of our battle tested methods for existing Uber users to earn ride credit.
Current Lyft Promotions
Lyft has competitive rider and driver promotions to get both on the platform. We update this regularly, so be sure to claim your driver earnings guarantee and free credit to save or make the most money.
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Uber is offering riders and drivers a variety of killer promotions. We cover all of them in detail, so you can save money or claim that huge sign up bonus. You definitely won't want to miss these.
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